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The Standartplast Company was established in 1996. That’s when the sound insulation technology emerged in Russia. Today we are not just the leaders in our industry, but a successful company enjoying a fine reputation the world over. The materials we manufacture for sound insulation and vibration isolation are prized and find a ready market in America, Europe and Asia. We are represented in 28 countries of Europe, 15 of Asia as well as in Africa, the USA and the CIS.

In addition, Standartplast is a supplying partner of Volkswagen, Ford, Nissan, GAZ, AvtoVaz, UAZ, Tagaz (Hyundai), LiAZ, PAZ, MAZ and other machine-building companies. Also, we have long and successfully cooperated with installation centers, tuning workshops and auto fairs.

Most lovers of luxury use the Standardplast products for preparing their vehicles for major competitions in auto acoustics like EMMA, AMT and IASCA. Ninety percent of the winners of those competitions have scored their victories largely thanks to our materials.

Our enterprise has a certified system of quality management compliant with ISO/TU 16949 requirements. We permanently monitor the product quality, develop sound reduction technologies and bring into the market new acoustic solutions that make the vehicle safer and more comfortable. We seek to simplify the sound reduction processes and cut their cost. 

arpro-logo-lg1.pngARPRO is an impact energy management material, manufactured worldwide that provides a unique combination of material properties, making it ideal for use in a wide range of product applications. As a high performance engineering material, ARPRO provides a range of performance benefits for both manufacturer and end user, including; energy absorption with structural strength but very low weight, chemical resistance, thermal, acoustical and sound insulation. ARPRO is recyclable. Typical uses are; safety components for automotive applications, multi-use transport packaging (dunnage), HVAC housings and many more. For product specific information please visit ARPRO.com.

ARPRO is a registered Trade Mark.

Fields of application

Product properties

  • Environmental friendliness
  • Possibility of recycling
  • Thermal insulation
  • Simple cleaning
  • Moisture resistance
  • Resistance to chemicals and oils
  • Light weight
  • Shape recovery
  • Energy absorption

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